Beginner's Guide To Sex Toys

How do you know which one is right for me I hear you ask?

Well, there are certainly plenty of toys suitable for the naughty & inquisitive novice. What was once a taboo topic of conversation now is not, indeed you’re now in the minority if you don’t own one. Whether used alone, or with a friend, a sex toy is always ready to spice up your love life


As in life itself, common sense comes first. However, there are some extremely important points to remember.

Unlike some things in life, bigger is not always better. Choose a product that you are comfortable with and take things slowly. Never make unrealistic demands of your/your partners body as it could lead to injury. If in doubt, and particularly if you’re new to sex toys, start small. Remember safety is not a game!

Before every use, check the toy for any damage, faults, or special instructions. Ensure that there are no sharp edges and that the battery operated functions are all in working order.

Sex toys are available in a variety of different materials, some safer than others.

We recommend that you choose a non porous toy, which is free from latex and phthalates wherever possible. For more information regarding this, please take a look at our Material Guide

Do's & Don'ts:



Preferably choose a toy that doesn’t contain latex or phthalates

Share porous toys

Use a condom if the toy does contain latex or is porous

Use a lubricant that is compatible with your toy

Use a toy that’s too big or small for your/your partner's body

Deviate from the instructions or use in a different manner than specified

Clean toys before and after every use

Use toys in various holes without cleaning in between use

Properly sterilize non porous toys before sharing

Use broken or damaged toys

Look for non porous, phthalate free toys and don’t spread STIs through easily avoidable bad habits. You can make it that little bit easier by putting a condom on all insertable toys

Cleaning, care & storage:

Dirty minds shouldn’t & don't mean dirty sex toys!

Cleaning your sex toys helps prevent any health risks, it also prolongs their life and enables you to readily check for wear and tear. Remember to rinse your toys before insertion to stop cleaning chemicals coming into direct contact with those sensitive spots and be careful when touching toys that have been in the dishwasher or boiling water, scalding yourself on a metal toy can cause a lot of pain & discomfort

If the toy is battery operated, we recommend that you remove it/them prior to cleaning, especially if the toy is not waterproof, and storage. This will prevent corrosion or accidental discharge

Proper storage means longer lasting sex toys that are clean and safe to use whenever you’re feeling in the mood. Keep them separated & in individual lint-free microfibre bags, particularly jelly and silicone toys. All toys must be completely dry to avoid any mould and mildew, particular care needs to be taken with porous toys

How long should my toy last?

Diamonds are forever, sex toys ...... sadly, not as long

Care for them correctly & you will prolong their life. How long a sex toy lasts depends largely on the material that it is made from as some materials are much more durable than others. Glass toys could last you a lifetime with minimal care. Toys crafted from jelly and rubber are likely to be with you for a shorter period of time. They will be subject to chemical degradation over time, which no amount of care can prevent. You’ll know when it’s time to replace them as you will notice splits or breakages. Don’t use any toy that appears to be broken or damaged; you don’t want to risk injury or infection.

It is also important to note that battery operated toys are more susceptible to breakages; that’s just life I'm afraid